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off the top, the earthquake in japan overnight. there are tsunami warnings across the pacific from russia to california. good morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. we want to go straight to our top story. there is now a major rescue operation in tokyo and other cities. authorities say there are no leaks from nuclear plants so far. >> tens of thousands of people stranded in trains in tokyo. we are all getting reports of at least 32 deaths. that number expected to go up though. the 8.9 earthquake, the largest to hit japan in 100 years. the government now calling for international assistance. look at all those cars there in the water with the boats. the u.s. ambassador in japan says the united states is ready to help. >> the pictures coming from there absolutely increedible. the big story for us here at home, the heavy rain that we had in the last 24 to 48 hours. here is a live look from canal
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road which is closed and it remains closed this morning as a result of flooding and mudslides in that area. we still have a lot of pooling waterlet over from the rain this morning. >> one lane now open heading into the city. one lane open on canal road. >> heavy rain and severe thunderstorm warnings last night and tornado warnings. most of the advisories are gone. we still have flood warnings for the rivers. much improved forecast for today. sunshine in the low to mid-50s for the first part of the day. >> that sounds good. >> a lot better. here is your radar are. rain shower activity, heavy rain off to the north and east. the coal are air filters in. a little snow there in west virginia. no worries here. we aren't going to get any
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snow. there could be a sprinkle or two. it won't be a perfectly sunny day but after what we endured yesterday, today will be a lot quieter and nicer. here are your flood warnings. counties you see in green we have flood warnings. do not go close to the rivers. the water continues to drain into the river basins and they are not expected to crest for another 24 hours or so. things will continue to deteriorate close to the rivers for another 24 hours or so. humidity, 77%. there are your winds out of the north appear west at 12 miles per hour. partly sunny conditions today and temperatures in the mid- 50s. we'll go 55 in la plata. 54 in frederick. 54 here in downtown washington. could be a sprinkle or shower this afternoon. >> thank you. we talked about canal road. maybe a little bit of a break there with one lane open. >> we'll show you a live picture one more time just
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quickly now inbound along canal road here at foxhall. we have that one lane to the right getting by. this is a live scene here at foxhall road. we have that traffic coming inbound this morning headed over towards georgetown. you will find a lot of people bailing out using the gw parkway as the alternate route. let's say good morning to the crew in sky fox. they are above an incident southbound i-95 in maryland as you work your way down past route 100. our lanes are open as you travel out of jessup headed south into beltsville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. taking a look at this morning's topper toies, time is tick for nfl players an owns are who are still trying to figure out how to divide more than $9 bill wrong in annual revenue. the he -- extension ends tonight. there will be an update by 2:00 this afternoon. you can add another high- profile attorney to the mix in
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tease's growing pay to play scandal i'm former campaign aide to mayor vincent gray has hired glen ivey to represent him. this comes one day after the mayor hired bob bennett to euro see the allegations made against him this. centers around sulaimon brown who says two gray aides paid him cash and offered him a job if he verbally attacked former mayor adrian fenty during the debates. mayor gray denies those claims. a final vote on same-sex marriage is expected today in maryland. the house judiciary committee is set to consider a last- minute change to the bill which would keep religous groups from being forced to participate in gay weddings. that was the scene in wisconsin. police dragging many of the demonstrators out who tried to
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block lawmaker lawmaker from going inside. this comes after the state assembly pass a new bill that will take away most collective bargaining rights from workers. republican state lawmaker found a loophole enabling them to pass the bill. there was an emotionally charged hearing yesterday on capitol hill about the radicalization of american muslims. new york congressman peter king called the hearings. critics say he is unfarley targeting an entire religion but the chair of the house homeland committee says the conversation is necessary because of increasing home grown islamic threats. police raided charlie sheen's home. what this were -- what were they looking for. and now, you can order the ipad 2. we'll be back with the
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a remarkable sign of recovery for congresswoman gabrielle giffords. just two months after she was shot in the head, family friend says she is planning to attend the space shuttle launch to see her husband mark blast into space. he is mission commander for endeavour. the shuttle is supposed to launch next month. giffords shot back in january in arizona in that rampage that killed sick people. there is more trouble for charlie sheen this morning. losangeles police raided his home looking for weapons. police say they did find one, an antique gun and that sheen was cooperative. the police visit comes just a few hours after sheen and mueller reach an agreement in the custody dispute over their twin boys. the fda is taking over three tylenol plants following three drug recalls, one in puerto rico and two in
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pennsylvania. an investigate is under way into safety issues at those factories. the company could be subject to fines up to $10 million annually if it doesn't comply. the ipad is available online this morning. the gadgets will be in store available at 5:00 this evening. ordering them online means you will have to wait a little longer to get your hands on one, three to five business days. ipads start at about $500. we'll talk more about the new ipad and the sales expectations for the device coming up in our business beat in about 15 minutes. we are dealing with the aftermath of the heavy rain we had but it looks like there is some clearing skies out there. tucker has an updated forecast and we'll get an update from julie straight ahead on the other side of the break. 
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we want to update breaking news in japan. it says live. these pictures i don't believe are live because we are showing a collection of photos and video from the last couple of hours after this 8.9 earthquake struck in japan. that was an oil refinery that was on fire. you can see pore fires burning in the distance there. lots of damage across the country of japan. it triggered a tsunami that flooded farms throughout the northeastern part of the country. a tsunami alert has been issued for more than 50 countries around the pacific basin. tsunami warning sirens have been going off in hawaii where it is expected to hit the -- the waste expected to hit in a couple of hours. all other islands around the pacific bracing for the tidal we've. the 8.9 earthquake, the big toast hit since they changed the way they measured these. >> i have to check that record, yeah but certainly one of the biggest in the past century.
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unfortunately, very impressive but it is just amazing to see the tractor-trailer trucks being thrown around like toys. >> incredible video. they had some 20 aftershocks measuring around 7. >> next, we have to folk on hawaii and then california as the wave continues to move. around here, mother nature played a -- what is the word that i'm looking for. >> mother nature gave us a hard time. >> the rain shower activity is generally winding down. that is great news. we just showed you a live shot a few minutes ago. before sunshine in the forecast in about 15 minutes. it should be a decent day. not going to be perfectly sunny. we will have clouds streaming through from time to time. today will be a lot quieter. a little snow now flying well off to the north and west where
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the colder air has got ain't chance to get into portions of west virginia out there. that won't get in here either. the little upper level low will be spinning to our north and that will bring clouds in later this afternoon. cool out there but not too bad. 40degrees at reagan national. 37 in gaithersburg. quantico, good morning, you are 45 degrees. down in leonardtown, we are 43 degrees. 44 in annapolis. still dealing with a coastal flood advisory. high tides will be one to two feet above where they should be for another 24 hours or so. we've still got flood warning as long the rivers. much quieter forecast for today. just some clouds streaming through during the late afternoon and early evening. they will dissipate during the overnight hours. tomorrow looks fantastic. high temperatures into the low 60s. sunday too, not looking bad as we'll have highs around here in the mid- to upper 50s. so mild conditions, dry conditions for the weekend. and a much quieter forecast as we get into early next week.
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here you go. partly sunny skies. scattered shower possibility and then again later today. 54degrees your daytime high and then later tonight, we'll be cool, not cold but cool. 36 in the city. maybe low to mid-30s off to the north and west. still a little breezy out there with winds out of the west at 10 to 15. good-looking weekend forecast. 60 tomorrow. 58 on sunday. a little cooler behind a front that will come through. let's do some on-time traffic with julie wright. it is friday. >> yeah, it is. and in some places, we are seeing traffic volume a little bit lighter than what we're used to. we have some robs to report. if you are traveling southbound along 270, we are starting to bunch up just a bit now as you work your way south of hyattstown. typical slowdown area here. no problems to report out of germantown headed for the lane divide. we had a portion of connecticut and beach shut down because of standing water. 95 northbound in virginia,
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heavy and slow leaving woodbridge coming across the occoquan. change in the traffic pattern for those coming inbound this morning along canal road. as you travel between arizona avenue and foxhall road. now, we have one lane to the right getting by all of that mess that was the mudslide from yesterday. that is much improved but we'll find a lot of people bailing out using the gw parkway as that alternate route. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. making headline this morning, time ticking away for nfl players and owners still trying to figure out how to divide more than $9 bill wrong in annual revenue. the extension ends tonight. the executive director of the nfl players association says he will give an update to the players by 2:00 today. the commissioner and nine members of the owners labor committee met last night in d.c. but still no deal. some schoolteachers fired in 2008 are now making their voices heard. last month, an arbitrator ruled that 75 teachers were wrongfully terminated and should get their jobs back. he says teachers were never given an explanation for why
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they were fired. the teachs are say then schools chancellor michelle rhee orchestrated the firings. last week, teachers say they finally received letters from d.c. public schools about why they were fired. >> one of the things it said was there were boxes of textbooks that i wouldn't open. >> i was never written up. i was never -- i never received bad evaluations. it was always about what i was wearing or my personal life. >> the arbitrator also ruled the teachers should receive two years back pay. d.c. public schools plans to appeal the ruling. anne arundel county police are asking for your help in identifying this woman. tax a good look to see if you recognize her. anybody with information is asked to call the police department. i believe that we are going to -- we've got somebody on the telephone with us that can give us some more information about
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what is going on in japan. >> seth risinger plays baseball in japan. he is from mclean, virginia. >> i appreciate you joining us this morning. >> good morning. >> how far are you from where this all happened and what it is like in the area where you are? >> well, right now, i'm in central tokyo, a place called tokyo midtown. i believe the earthquake happened be twoy about 350 miles way or kilometers away -- happened about 350 miles away or kilometers away. i have the same news that you guys have. i'm watching on tv. but when i look out my window and stuff, everything is pretty much come to a stand still in tokyo. people are just kind of walking home and all the phone lines are down, land lines and cell phones as well. so they're just trying to deal with that here.
6:22 am
i think the real disaster took place up north with the tsunami. >> seth, are you able -- were you able to feel the earthquake where you were? because it was very powerful. >> yeah. i'm actually still cleaning up my apartment as we speak. i was in my apartment for the first and original large earthquake, the 8.9. then i made it outside for a few of the aftershocks, the larger ones. my apartment is still shaking right now. we've had at least 20 aftershocksant they -- aftershocks and they come every five or six minutes or so. i was in my apartment when the original one happened. >> i know a lot of people are worried about the tsunamis or the potential waves or pore water damage coming in. as far as tokyo, a little bit inland there but are folks worried about it there as well as in the area where the quake happened. >> i think tokyo is safe from that standpoint. i think the bigger concern as
6:23 am
far as texas yes goes is just transportation and there is -- as tokyo goes is just transportation and there is 13 million people who live here and most of them live 20, 30, 50, 60 kilometers outside and those people trying to get home. i think this is the biggest concern right now. they are just trying to keep them calm while they try to evacuate the people up north. >> can you talk about you? are you planning on staying there? will you be there for some time or trying to get back to the states? >> no, i'll be here for a while. my season runs until november and so i'll be over here. i have felt quite a few earthquakes but this is certainly the largest that i've felt. and people over here in japan are prepared for it and probably are best equipped to handle it. >> you know, second-degree, i know you played ball and graduated from mclean and at uva. i know you are trying to get ahold of some folks here in the
6:24 am
tease area. anything you want to say to the folk back home. >> yeah, i've sent e-mails out and they all know i'm okay right now. i'm just trying to contact people here actually and make sure they're okay but it is just really difficult because of all the lines of communications are down. >> thank you very much for providing just a firsthand account of what is taking place there and glad you are okay. hope a lot of other people are too. >> sure, no problem. thank you. we do appreciate your time. we'll be right back with a check of the markets after this.
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let's take a look at the markets. not a good day yesterday. let's start actually in asia after the massive earthquake in japan where it is certainly impacting unvestors. tokyo's nikkei took a steep drop at the end of trading in reaction to that earthquake which occurred just a few minute before the close of the nikkei. so a lot of these losses were piggybacking on the losses here
6:28 am
in the u.s. and at the end of the day, they kind of tanked. nikkei down 175 points overnight. a down day for the dow and nasdaq yesterday. dow down 228 points. nasdaq down 50. s&p down 25 points. futures this morning already down in the u.s. dow futures down 71 points. we'll con to follow how this breaking news of the earthquake in japan and subsequent snoqualmie warnings affect the market here in the u.s. and affect headlines around the world. sherry ly continues to follow the newsroom from the latest for us this morning. >> dozens of people are dead in japan after that quick unleashed a massive tsunami. now, parts of the u.s. are in danger. we'll have the latest for you coming up.  my "me time" is when i thought i parked on level 2.
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the next couple of minutes, you will see the sun burning bright in the sky. we'll have high temperatures in the mid-50s. this forecast couldn't be better as we get into the weekend. let's get right to the radar. i will show you that the rain, the thunderstorm, the threat of tornadoes all out of here. we are left with the heavy rain we picked up during the day yesterday. record at baltimore. over about two and a half inches of rain there. of course, the basins of the rivers are all very swollen. stay away from rivers here today as we can calm things down through the weekend. >> temperatures, right now, we are in the low 40s. 40 at reagan national as we switch maps. our humidity is up. it is still in the 80s and your winds are out of the north and west at 12 miles per hour. are we going to switch maps or call it a day? there is the pressure. here is your forecast for later this afternoon. highs in the mid-50s with partly sunny skies. could be an afternoon sprinkle or shower but most of the day will be dry. weekend forecast look good. we've got a very special ask the weather guy. stay tuned for that.
6:33 am
it is a best of edition. >> we'll look forward to that. thank you. let's check in with julie wright. >> did he just say the best of? >> you got it. >> is there a best of? >> it is kind of an ep as opposed to a full length cd. >> we'll show you what is happening. inbound along canal road working your way down from arizona avenue down towards foxhall road. one lane to the right is able to get through. that is much improvement. we'll still find people using the gw parkway. southbound 270 out of hyattstown, not a lot happening there. no accidents as you continue down through clarksburg. lanes are open in virginia headed out towards merrifield. the crew in sky fox checking out connecticut avenue at beach drive. that had been shut down earlier this morning.
6:34 am
that has been reopened. no other problems report the coming southbound along 95 and 295 out of laurel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. now, back to the breaking news of the earthquake last night. a large tsunami hit northeastern japan after a powerful earthquake measuring 8.9 struck the coast overnight t unleashed a 13-foot tsunami that swamped farmland. >> we want to get the latest from fox 5's sherry ly live in the newsroom. >> reporter: good morning. at least 3 # people -- 32 people are now dead in that 8.9 earthquake that struck in japan. it is a major earthquake that has spawned a massive tsunami t has washed away entire villages and now hawaii and the west coast of the u.s. and alaska are under a tsunami warning. that quake struck about 08 miles off the coast of japan. the tsunami, 13 feet high. take a look at some video that
6:35 am
we've got as the water slammed into japan's northeastern coast washing boats ashore and wiping out buildings. clearly, we don't have the video for you right now but that wall of water did power its way inland. cars floated away in the current. and entire buildings as well. fires are burning out of control in that area including at an oil refinery. in tokyo, buildings shook for 30 minutes after that initial quake hit. villages are littered with debris, cars, everything is just smashed up in the streets. that is tokyo, i believe, where subway systems have been closed down, people stephen strasburged trying to get home from work -- people stranded trying to get home from work today. some villages are under water. walls of water and sludge washed over farmland. we are now learning that a fire has erupted at a nuclear power plant. apparently the cooling system failed but we are being told
6:36 am
that there is no nuclear leak at this point being detected. now, this is the worst earthquake to hit japan in recorded history. the first we've expected to hit in hawaii now we are told in just about two hours. we are keeping an eye on this situation especially as it affects hawaii and the mainland u.s. tsunami warning again in hawaii and along the west coast of the u.s. mainland and up to alaska and through canada. so we are keeping an eye on this and we'll bring you updates as we get them. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> still plenty ahead on fox 5 today. >> kevin mccarthy is in to talk about the flicks hitting the screens this weekend. find out which ones are worth going to see. fox 5 news will be right back. what 
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it is the end of an era here on fox 5 morning news. this is gurvir's last day here
6:40 am
with us. she is heading back to atlanta. >> we wanted to take a little bit of a look back at your time here at fox 5. >> okay. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> six years and a lot of great story telling to show for it. >> and the views that greet visitors inside are as magnificent as those outside. >> gurvir has been part our coverage ever major news events from giving us a look inside the stunning basilica for pope benedict's visit in 2008. >> welcome back to our special coverage on this inauguration day. i'm gurvir dhindsa outside the north side of the white house. >> reporter: to the obama inauguration in 2009. >> this morning, it is a chance for this country to say good- bye and a final farewell to dr. dorothy hite. >> there are far less famous people that we likely would never have met without gurvir. >> 57-year-old jones was
6:41 am
diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. >> i was shocked. i was stunned. >> reporter: for several years, she opened our eyes and in many cases opened our hearts to what is going on in our community. with her power of one series. >> one look at the hollywood sunglasses and you might think 12-year-old bjorn brooks must believe he is the coolest kid in his sixth grade class. >> reporter: one of gurvir's own favorites. he was a 12-year-old prince george's county boy who was legally blind but whose positiontive attitude was so infectious his entire school raised money to flight blindness. >> when the doors open at 90 sharp at into for others -- >> gurvir has been successful in several community projects that we cherish here. her stories help drive so many of to you donate to the annual stuff a truck campaign. >> i know gene is your mentor. he has been with you for several years now. >> she has profiled the lives
6:42 am
of local people who have been transformed by vague mentor in their lives. >> we are sitting outside doing something that a lot of ladies back in that day didn't do and that is sit idle. >> we got a taste of gurvir's country charm in last summer's hometown fridays where she brought to life history and her damage from throughout our region. >> children with special needs play ago long side other children. >> so gurvir, we all say thanks so much for sharing so many great stories with us and with everyone and we all wish you the best as you begin the next chapter in your own story. >> oh, how nice is that. you are going to make me cry before the end of this day. >> i know that you've had the chance to talk to so many famous people here but i got to say i love the power of one series. i think so often, the folk who live their lives every day doing good for others and everything else, they get forgotten in the mix sometimes. >> those were my favorite ones. >> i was going to ask you if
6:43 am
you had favorite ones. >> we meet a lot of famous people that come through here, we live in washington, d.c., power brokers, tucker. but those power of one stories were my absolute favorites. i was impoliced by what common everyday people are doing and they always put me to shame because i always thought i'm not doing enough. i hope they highlighted some of the good things that people do. >> nice piece, steve. is very impressed. >> look what i found in my desk drawer which has been sitting in there for nearly seven years. >> and you're still drinking out of it. >> on one side it says fox 5. on the other side, it says good day atlanta be which is the show i used to do and i'm going back to do the same thing ihope they give you a new mug. >> it is fox 5 there too by the way. >> make it easy to remember. >> all right. we have a lot to get through and i have a very special ask the weather guy so i got to
6:44 am
keep moving. let's get to the satellite- radar. the rain, the thunderstorm activity, the threat of tornadoes all oust here at this hour were we'll wake up with some sunshine. sun up now about 0 minutes ago. there you go, clouds fading away and taking with it the rain shower activity. won't be a perfectly sunny day today but it should be a decent day. how about partly sunny. maybe a sprinkle or two, maybe a shower. best chance will be north. generally speaking much, much better than what we had around here yesterday. 40degrees at reagan national right now. it is cool out there but not cold. 37 in gaithersburg. 39 out at dulles. partly sunny skies. scattered showers possible. 54degrees. winds out of the west at five to 10. partly cloudy and just cool overnight. 36 your overnight low. low to mid-30s outside of the beltway. that is a gorgeous weekend. 06 tomorrow with some sunshine. 508 sunday. should be dry. a fall clouds here late in the day on sunday. we'll have a weak cold front
6:45 am
that will cool us down for monday and tuesday but right now, weekend looks just fine. kind of of early spring preview. it is time now for ask the weather guys. i know how much tony would love to be here today. we put our very large heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. today, cue the music. we'll take a look back at ask the weather guy that was directed at gurvir. it was a great question. the viewer wanted to know -- well, that is not the view are but the viewer wanted to know about an incident that happened during her previous stint in atlanta. she is rather famous for this incident or infamous. let's listen in. >> melissa sander was our feature reporter. she is out doing a segment. she day wine segment and did the old lucy grape stomping
6:46 am
incident. and she fell off of the platform that she was on. >> unnaturally. >> by accident. >> we'll take a look at the video. you can see for yourself what happened. >> ooh, ooh, oh, stop, oh, stop, ooh, ooh, ooh. i can't breathe. >> she is wrighting on the ground. >> she is actually hurt there. >> i think she is. >> she tyke hard fall off there. gosh, hope she's okay. >> okay. we'll make sure she is. >> we'll check on her and gate become to you. >> we'll be back right after this. >> what were you thinking? >> well, first, we'll let you know about melissa. okay. that was it. people still ask me about that.
6:47 am
>> this has become famous. family guy parodied this. you are sort of world famous for. and you are going back. >> it will be good. >> that wads one of my favorite ask the weather guys. we didn't show the whole clip but you have a nice response to and were very graceful about it. >> thank you, guys. >> i'll miss your ask the weather guys segments. >> you can still watch. >> you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab and if you want to upload your question there as well, we'll play it live here as well on fox 5 morning news. >> we'll have to keep an eye on you to see if you are looking at your laptop. maybe you'll be watching tucker. >> maybe at about 6:45 this morning. she's going to miss me. she won't admit it. >> like the plague. >> that's all right. we all feel the same way. let's check in with julie wright. >> i'll miss the back and forth between the two of them. >> i know. >> he is like my little brother. >> in that case, i would hope
6:48 am
that the family tree forked differently, gurvir. well, we'll miss you. right now on the roads, i'm sure you are not going to miss all of this headache. it is still quite busy. before a lot going on this morning. we have delays if you are traveling along i-95 heading northbound. southbound 270 on the brakes a little further south. brandywine road north of 5, accident activity reported there. suitland parkway open for business coming inbound towards south capital street and the douglass bridge. we do have the lanes open on canal road continuing out towards foxhall road. that was slut down because of the mud shied that occurred -- that was shut down because of
6:49 am
the mudslide that occurred yesterday. we lost our shot there. outer loop kenilworth avenue, right side of the roadblocked off there. delays from 450. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. who is afraid of the big bad wolf? the answer may be just about everybody who sees red riding hood this weekend. our friend, movie reviewer, kevin mccarthy, with 106.7 the fan is here to talk about that. >> how are you? >> i'm good. i'm he going to miss you. >> i'll miss you too. i think over the next couple of weeks, i'll probably call the person sitting there gurvir don't do that. >> i'm going to be messed up. i've always said good morning, how are you doing, gurvir. >> you are terrific. we'll talk about two movies this weekend. i hate to end our time together on this bad note. >> bad movies. this is coming out today. good night who cut this trailer
6:50 am
deserves an academy award. the trailer is one of the most intriguing trailers i've ever seen. wanted to see this movie and there is a reason whyle trailer is stow good because there dialogue. there is no dialogue in the trailer. it's beautiful montage cut together of this alien invasion. amazing music and that is exactly what they were trying to go for because they were covering up all of the disastrous problems with the film. the movie involves an alien invasion. a group of marines are sent in to rescue a group of civilians. here is the deal. the alien invasion sequences air 10 out of 10. the rest of the movie is a zero. i am talking about dialogue that could be written by a
6:51 am
second grader. it is supposed to be extremely emotional. i found myself and the entire audience laughing. there is a scene where aaron eckhart gives this amazing eye l.i.e. emotional speech to one of his fellow marines. at the end of the speech, he says this line but it pretty much ruins everything he just said. everyone is laughing in the crowd. so here is the deal. this is a tough movie for me to review because i'm more disappointed than anything else. it is not a horrific movie as it might appear that i'm saying. the trailers are so misleading. you would be better off watching the youtube clip of the movie. i gave to a two and a half because if you want to check out the matinee, watch the action scenes and leave. rent it if you are not interested. it is not that good. very disappointing. >> i don't like really scary movies and red riding hood to me looks like it might be a little creepy but not well down, you can in. >> they are going to the scary
6:52 am
angle. this is katherine hardwick. she directed twilight. it looks exactly like twilight the way it is shot. it's love triangle. this time around, it is a darker spin on an already dark tale. this time, we have a werewolf who is terrorizing the village. gary oldman is amazing in the movie. it become a soap opera. it is like days of our lives directed well. the actual cinematography is beautiful and i love the colors of the movie. it is just that effect in the movie is so cheesy and you are laughing just like the other film. gary oldman still shine in this role. check out true romance, my favorite movie of all time. he is brilliant in that. >> you will be back next week way big interview. this is really huge.
6:53 am
>> i'm like one of like five people regional press in the country who got to sit down with robert de niro and bradley cooper. you can follow me on twitter. >> i will do that. >> i will miss you so much. >> we'll hug it out on the air. >> a nice little hug. >> i got a kiss from gurvir. did you all see that? >> and you didn't have to wear the purple shirt. >> if it is like twilight, are you team gary or team amanda? team amanda because she's hot. holly is at the convention center. they are getting ready for the travel and adventure show this weekend. we'll check in with her coming up after the break. 
6:54 am
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6:57 am
good morning. i'm holly morris. i'm talking about one of my all time favorite things. vacation. there's no better place for me to decide to go next than here at the convention center. they are ready for the travel and adventure show. this is the best place for you to come out and check out all kinds of destinations. not only can you come and see, but you can come and take a vacation yourself here at the convention center. that's what we're going to do this morning. they have rock climbing. they have an obstacle course. you can come and see people doing a little zumba dancing. they even have a zip line set up inside the convention center. you can even get a true taste of cultures by going through for the first time the firey
6:58 am
food challenge. people whip up different dishes and you can taste them to see if you like it. then how about a little scuba diving? no i mean you can actually scuba dive. we're going to do that as well this morning. plus give you all the information to come out and take part yourself. >> all right. thanks so much. our facebook fan of the day is davetta allen. she's just an average viewer that can't miss a minute of the show. thank you for watching. that's going to do it for the 6:00 hour. time for me to say good-bye and turn it over to allison and steve for the next few hours. i will miss you.
6:59 am
>> miss you too. but i will definitely see you at 9. we have a lot to talk about. >> we continue our coverage of this morning's major breaking news out of japan. an 8.9 magnitude quake and a tsunami has caused widespread damage and death. we're going to get the latest in just a moment. also ahead this morning, the push to end bullying. the president hosted a discussion at the white house. this morning we will talk with a city councilman from texas who has become one of the faces in the effort to end bullying. we are hours away from the deadline in the nfl labor talks. where both sides stand. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts

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